Active Cats

Does your cat get you up in the middle of the night wanting food, knocking things down, or try to get your attention? Is your cat active during the day and have excessive energy that you’re having a hard time utilizing that energy? Do you think that mental stimulation toys and trick training are just for dogs? Cats need mental stimulation just like dogs . Clicker training your cat can be fun for you and your cat. You can teach things such as sit, down, shake, wave, etc. Using food toys such as Trixie Activity fun board , Trixie Mad Scientists and Slim cat food dispensing ball can be fun and rewarding. Having some other toys for cats such as a wand toy or balls will help keep your kitty busy as well. You can also get a timed feeder if she/he gets hungry in the middle of the night. Maybe your cat climbs up the curtains, jumps on counters, scratches, the furniture. Be sure to reward them when you see them scratching on something appropriate as opposed to your furniture to reinforce scratching the right things. Cats like to climb up high and many times like to scratch things that are vertical and taller than they are being able to stretch. Having a tall cat tree, being able to look out a window or in a room that you are in frequently as well as having different scratch post with different materials for them to scratch will help save your furniture. To deter them from tearing up your furniture you could try putting some double sided tape on there temporarily to deter it. Putting some of these things in place and having fun with your cat will help and you both will have a better relationship. Most cats need an outlet for their energy and these are just a few solutions that might help.

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