Halloween – For Pets or Not?

Now that we are into October the cooler fall temperatures made me start thinking about Halloween. Do you celebrate with your dog or cat? Do they like to be dressed up? Many pets enjoy being dressed up and having lots of people around, but many do not. Whether you dress up yourself, have kids who dress up or just have trick-or-treaters come to your house dressed up, take into consideration whether your
dog is enjoying it or not. What about all that yummy candy that your dogs and cats may smell and decide they would be interested in. Some dogs don’t like when they hear the doorbell or someone knocking. Kids making scary noises, dressed in costumes or a crowd can be stressful. Don’t feel like your dog must greet everyone coming to the door. Here are a few safety tips to help.

Safety Tips:

  • Keep your pets inside and away in a room with soft music and possibly a stuffed Kong or a chew stick and a cozy bed
  • Keep your pets away from candy and chocolate
  • Keep your pets away from burning pumpkins, decorations and glowsticks
  • Make sure you have current up to date ID tags/Microchips on your pets just incase they do escape from the door being opened

Have fun on Halloween but just remember that your pets may prefer to be away from the party this time.

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