Holiday Pet Care

It’s hard to believe that it’s that time already to begin thinking about the Holidays.  Where has the year gone! The holidays will be fast approaching. Many of you go away during the holidays. Fall is a busy time for people traveling then that runs right into Thanksgiving and then Christmas and New Year’s. What do you do with your pet when your gone? Do you use a pet sitter or a kennel? It sounds early but if you don’t already have a sitter or a regular kennel that you take your pet to it’s time to start searching for one now. You really need to have one arranged soon as they all get filled up fast. Maybe you don’t have dogs or cats but have Chickens and Goats or birds. They need care as well.  If you start now finding someone, then you won’t be scrambling around at the last-minute booking someone you aren’t even sure you like. Start by figuring out if your pet would be better at home or not. Whichever you decide then begin to check your area for a pet sitter in your area or kennel that seems the best for you. You may need to interview a couple of them before you make decision so don’t wait around. Once deciding to get on their calendar. You don’t want to use friends, neighborhood kids, family etc. because many times they are out of town as well or they have other obligations during this time. Not to mention friends, family, and neighborhood kids are not always responsible. You want to make sure you use a professional who is insured and bonded and that uses contracts. In their paperwork you want them to be asking your pets routine, where the food and all pet supplies are kept, emergency contact, your vet information. They will need to do a meet and greet. If you aren’t sure about something such as if they have insurance or not, ask them. Don’t be afraid of writing questions down to ask them. You need to feel as comfortable with them as they do you. How do they interact with your pets? Once you have established who you want to use and have finished the paperwork and all that good stuff, they will need the house keys. Unless you use a combination lock on your door or a lock box outside your home It’s best to give the sitter (if your using one) two sets of keys. This helps for many reasons. If they have other sitters that work for them and are sharing some of the pet sits then each sitter will need a key. If by chance something happens to a key, then there is still another key. Please if you are making copies of your keys be sure they do indeed work. A good sitter will also make sure they work as well. Once you’ve established a pet sitter or a kennel and you have booked the times you need care for then you can go on your trip relax and not have to worry about a thing. So, go ahead and begin the process now finding that best pet care professional for your best furry friends!

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