Leaving my cat at home alone

Do you leave your cat at home alone when you are out of town for more than a day? There are several reasons why this might not be such a good idea.

  • SAFETY: Cats can get into things such as chewing on cords or other harmful objects. Younger cats and kittens especially get into things out of curiosity. They need entertainment and exercise to keep them out of things they shouldn’t be in.
  • HEALTH: If they get sick or injured somehow no one is there to take them to the vet. While they may be a healthy cat, things do happen. If no one is there to see that they need to see a vet, it may be to late by the time you get home.
  • FOOD/WATER: They need fresh water and food daily, even if you leave plenty of food out. If you use an automatic feeder it’s still best to have someone to make sure that it is working properly each day.
  • LITTERBOX: They need their litter box cleaned out each day. Many cats begin to stop using their litterbox reliably if it isn’t cleaned out each day. You like a clean toilet don’t you, well so do they.
  • ROUTINE: Cats need routine and company. There are some cats that are more independent than others, but all still do best with sticking to their routine. Some get anxious because they need company.

How long is it ok to leave my cat alone? If you are leaving one day and back the next and your cat or kitten is healthy it’s probably ok to leave it providing it isn’t on any medications that it may need. Otherwise it’s best to have the cat checked on once a day at least.

You can easily find a professional pet sitter that knows how to look after your cat or kitten. They will be aware of any signs that your cat may be having any health issues and take them to the vet after consulting with you if needed.  They will also be reliable to be there to do all the things listed above and if nothing else just hang out with your kitty for company. Another good thing about having a pet sitter is that you also get your home checked on as well.  If you prefer you could also take your cat to a boarding facility.

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