Pet of the month- Abby & Emma

I decided to highlight a pet of the month so in January it’s two pets of the month.

I have the privilege to see Abby and Emma each week. They are both Schnoodles. Emma is 2 and Abby is 3. When I arrive they are always super excited to see me. Abby (white and brown) goes around howling. Yes, she thinks she’s part hound. They can’t wait to get outside. They love going on walks and sniffing a lot, but their favorite thing to do is go out in the yard and play ball. A few other things they enjoy. Emma likes to bark at the birds and squirrels and Abby loves to hunt and dig for moles. Once your inside they absolutely can’t wait to get in your lap if you sit down. Thanks to their dear mom I get to be a part of their lives.

2 thoughts on “Pet of the month- Abby & Emma”

  1. Abby and Emma’s mom

    Thank you Rhonda! Abby and Emma LOVE having you in their lives! They greet you with much more enthusiasm than their parents because you are their rock star! 🙂

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